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      A sense of well-being that also saves energy!
      Buildings are among the biggest energy users. Poorly insulated facades, or facades with no insulation whatsoever, are responsible for up to 40% of energy loss.
      Nice and warm during the winter, pleasantly cool during the summer...

      In a well-insulated house, a healthy and balanced climate exists year round. In cold weather, the temperature on the inside of uninsulated exterior walls falls significantly: we not only feel the "draught", but there is also the danger of mould forming. This effect can be prevented with heat insulation, meaning that you can enjoy a cosy feeling and healthy room climate throughout the entire year.


      Insulation with EPS

      → Polystyrene (EPS) is used in more than 70% of all insulation applications today. The insulation material is easy to apply; the systems are fire-resistant.
      Dark coats of paint should not be applied to EPS. Reservations with regard to this product are predominantly environmental.

      Insulating with KEIM Mineral Wool
      Mineral wool

      → Insulation boards from mineral wool are primarily made from naturally occurring rocks and thus, are non-flammable. It is also possible to apply darker colours on systems with mineral wool boards or rock mineral wool boards.                                                                           In the field of mineral wool KEIM AquaRoyal-MW is standing for maximum moisture management which reduces algae and mould.

      Mineral Foam KEIM Xpor System

      → Insulation panels made of mineral foam stand for a fully-mineral and ecological type of construction. The KEIM X-Por System is certified with the natureplus environmental seal. The insulating effect of the mineral-foam panels is somewhat less than the former, but it provides excellent heat insulation in the summer, it is not flammable, it corresponds to our natural environment and ensures a pleasant climate inside.

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