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      Mineral solutions with concrete character

      Repair, protection and design

      Damages and protection grades on one hand and realization of the architectural intention on the other hand seem often times to be contradictory. Requirements for design, appearance, preservation and protection do not exclude each other. To the contrary: We can protect concrete efficiently and preserve the mineral character. With mineral protective products.

      KEIM Concretal Concrete System maintains the beauty of concrete thanks to a unique concept.

      – Water protection
      – CO2 protection
      – Chloride protection
      – Weathering protection
      – Corrosion protection
      – Preservation of the original concrete beauty

      Overview of Keim Concrete-Systems


      Mineral solutions with preservation of the concrete character - renovation, protection and design of structures

      Mortar and fillers

      Mortar and fillers for the repair of damaged areas in concrete


      For water-repellency of mineral building materials, in particular concrete

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