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      KEIM EPS insulation panels meet all the requirements for using KEIM ETIC systems. Reliable adherence regarding the required properties is ensured through a contractual agreement and regular monitoring of the production facilities.
      Facade insulation using KEIM EPS insulation panels is particularly interesting from the point of view of rapid amortisation of the planned insulation measures.
      ETIC Systems with EPS insulation panels are hardly inflammable when the corresponding fire protection measures are put in place.


      KEIM EPS-grau 032/034 WDV

      Insulation panels made of expanded polystyrene rigid foam according to DIN EN 13163, CFC-free, flame-retardant B1 in accordance with DIN 4102, dimensionally accurate, shrinkage-free and quality-monitored, for improved thermal insulation.

      The panels comply with the quality guidelines for EPS rigid foam fa?de insulation panels for ETICS of the IVH (Industrieverband Hartschaum e.V. = Industrial Association for Rigid Foam) and of the Fachverband f?r WDVS e.V. (Trade Association for ETICS).

      Colour shade

      Rated value of thermal conductivity: 0.032 W/mK

      Panel size 100 x 50 cm
      Blunt, Panel thickness 20 - 400 mm

      Stepped profile*
      Panel thickness 30 - 400 mm

      Tongue and groove*
      Panel thickness 40 - 400 mm

      * on request


      panel thickness mm

      m2 per bunch

      20 12.0
      30 8.0
      40 6.0
      50 4.5
      60 4.0
      70-80 3.0
      90 2.5
      100-120 2.0
      130-160 1.5
      170-300 1.0
      310-400 0.5

      Füllschaum FM 110 (illbruck, foam filler)

      Moisture-curing, one-component, CFC-free polyurethane foam. After curing flame-retardant according to building material class B1 DIN 4102, WLG (thermal conductivity) 040. KEIM Füllschaum has excellent insulation properties and is used to foam-fill joints between installed EPS and MW panels. General building authority test certificate P-NDS 4-312.

      750 ml can

      Spray gun
      Required to apply the foam filler

      Coverrock BR (Fire barrier)

      Mineral wool panel acc. to DIN EN 13162 and DIN 4108-10, application type WAP-zg, tear resistance = 5 kPa, quality-monitored, non-flammable A1 acc. to DIN EN 13501-1, coated on both sides. Rated value of thermal conductivity: 0.036 W/mK.

      Panel size:           1200 x 200 mm
      Panel thickness:   100 – 180 mm
                                    (Further thicknesses on request.)

      Solely approved and suitable for use as a fire barrier in ETIC systems made from EPS.

      Corrugated side = adhesive side
      Smooth side = reinforcement and plaster side


      panel thickness mm m2 per pallet pack per pallet
      100 11,52 12
      120 9,60 10
      140 7,68 8
      160 5,76 6
      180 5,76 6

      Low-flammable ETIC systems with EPS insulation material

      Fire stops must be made from mineral wool insulation materials to install low-flammable ETICS with EPS insulation materials. The selection of mineral wool insulation materials as well as performance and arrangement of fire stops have to comply with the information of the general building approval in connection with the current building regulations relating hereto.

      You will find more information on fire protection in KEIM ETIC systems at http://www.quaf6.com/fileadmin/user_upload/downloads/wdvs-planungsservice/Praxismerkblatt_Brandschutz_WDVS_mit_EPS-Daemmstoffen.pdf

      Approved insulation materials as fire stop:

      Coverrock BR (mineral wool fire stop) 
      Mineralwolle-Lamelle (mineral wool lamellae)







      Low-flammable ETIC systems with EPS insulation material


      Fibre-free, pure mineral insulation panels

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      Secure insulation with incombustible insulation materials.

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