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      Windowsills must meet the optical and structural-engineering requirements. The rainproof connection to the ETIC systems and protecting the covered railing against dirt through sufficient protrusion should always be considered during the planning. KEIM windowsills provide you with an ideally suited system solution.


      KEIM Fensterbank (Window ledge)

      Aluminium window ledge with self-adhesive protective film.

      Determination of reaches and lengths:

      The calculation of the window ledge reach results from the reveal depth + system thickness + 40 mm overlap.

      Length of window ledge

      ? In case of prior installation and using KEIM end caps the window ledge reach is calculated from the final dimension + 32 mm
      ? In case of subsequent installation and using KEIM Klinkerendkappe (clinker end caps) the window ledge length is calculated usually from the final clear measure -20 mm.

      Colour shade
      Natural anodised, white

      110 - 130 - 150 - 165 - 180 - 195 - 210 - 225 - 240 - 260 - 280 - 300 - 320 - 340 - 360 mm

      Length according to specification.
      Special reaches and RAL-colours on request.
      Please note longer delivery times.

      KEIM Endkappe (End cap)

      With integrates sealing shoe for double-sided expansion compensation of the window ledge.
      Reaches: 110 mm - 360 mm, 1 pair per window ledge.

      KEIM Endkappe (End cap)

      KEIM Klinkerenkappe (Clinker end cap)

      Aluminium end cap, driving-rain proof to a limited extent, without expansion compensation of the window ledge, for the subsequent installation of window ledges.
      Reaches: 110 mm - 360 mm
      1 pair per window ledge

      KEIM Klinkerenkappe (Clinker end cap)

      KEIM Fensterbankhalter (Window ledge bracket)

      For bottom side anchoring of the window ledge to masonry size 1-8.

      Special reaches and RAL colour shades on request.
      Please note longer delivery time.

       Thickness of insulation panels (mm)
      Gr??e 130 - 50
      Gr??e 250 - 80
      Gr??e 360 - 120
      Gr??e 4120 - 180
      Gr??e 5140 - 200
      Gr??e 6180 - 240
      Gr??e 7220 - 280
      Gr??e 8280 - 360
      KEIM Fensterbankhalter (Window ledge bracket)

      KEIM Antidr?hnband (Anti-droning tape)

      Reduces raindrop noise. To be glued to the underside of the window ledge.

      80 mm

      1 m

      KEIM Antidr?hnband (Anti-droning tape)

      KEIM Abdichtprofil (Sealing profile)

      Rubber seal of the window ledge to the cladding frame.

      KEIM Abdichtprofil (Sealing profile)

      KEIM Sto?verbinder (Connector)

      Suitable for the KEIM Fensterbank, for window ledges with a total length of 3 m.
      Reaches: 110 mm - 360 mm

      KEIM Sto?verbinder (Connector)

      KEIM Fensterbankschrauben (Window ledge screws)

      Cross-head, 22 mm long.
      For fastening the window ledge, incl. plastic cover caps in natural or white. 

      100 pcs/carton

      KEIM Fensterbankschrauben (Window ledge screws)

      Note for the window ledge installation

      The screw-on bridge has to be connected to the cladding frame with a suitable joint sealing tape (e.g. KEIM Fugendichtband type 20/3) for a driving rain-tight window ledge (KEIM Fensterbank) installation without using KEIM Abdichtprofil (sealing profile).

      For the subsequent installation of a window ledge the following products are recommended for creating a driving rain-proof connection:

      Sealing membrane: SikaMembran Outdoor, Illbruck ME501 TwinActiv HI

      Adhesive: SikaBond TF plus N, Illbruck SP351

      Sikaflex AT-Connection, Illbruck SP525

      Sealing coat: Illbruck SP925

      Note for the window ledge installation

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