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      Mould sometimes simply forms over the course of time. No exact causes can be pinpointed – the house or apartment and its walls have simply become a bit old. Health risks are minimal; the affected surface is no larger than approximately 0.4 m2. In such cases, it is often sufficient to thoroughly clean the affected areas with a suitable mould remover and then use a special coating..

      In the case of severe mould damage, a thorough search for the cause and planning of further measures to combat recurrence are absolutely necessary. The spores that are present must be trapped and the affected structural components need to be replaced, at least the render. In order to prevent this from happening in the future, a subsequent system with mould-sanitation or insulation panels is recommended.

      KEIM Mycal? References

      Overview of KEIM Mycal System Products

      KEIM Mycal?-Top

      KEIM Mycal-Top is a highly specialised interior silicate paint with different effect approaches against mould contamination. The enormous diffusion potential and the humidity-regulating properties provide dry walls. It creates an alkali depot and thus demonstrably does not offer a nutrient base to mould.

      Colour shade
      White, KEIM Palette exclusiv, tinting with KEIM colour concentrates.

      Brush, roller, sprayer

      For two coats: 0.25 l/m2 + approx. 0.02 l KEIM Spezial-Fixativ

      2.5 l, 5 l and 15 l containers
      Pallet: 24 x 15 l / 70 x 5 l

      KEIM Mycal?-Ex

      Chlorine-free,  high-concentrated, aqueous oxidising agent for the pretreatment and purification of microbially loaded or contaminated interior wall surfaces. It reacts to water and oxygen.

      Use disinfectants safely. Always read label and product information before use.

      Colour shade


      Approx. 0.1 kg/m2

       5 l container

      KEIM Mycal?-XO

      Ready-to-use, aqueous disinfectant to pretreat and clean dirty or microbially infested interior wall surfaces. Does not contain chlorine. The active hydrogen peroxide component reacts to water and oxygen during application.
      Active ingredient: < 5% per active substance
      Ready-to-use. Do not dilute!

      Use disinfectants safely. Always read label and product information before use.

      Colour shade:


      Approx. 0.3 l/m2

      *depending on the substrate condition

      2.5 l container


      KEIM Mycal?-Fix

      Siliceous pretreatment agent for binding fungal spores and for priming KEIM Mycal-CS-Platten (panels) and strongly absorbing substrates.

      KEIM Mycal-Fix has a consolidating effect and regulates absorbency. It binds mould and spores on the contaminated areas. Due to the high pH-value KEIM Mycal-Fix also hinders mould growth.


      Brush, roller



      0.1 l – 0.3 l/m2

      5 l and 20 l containers

      KEIM Mycal?-Por

      Lime-bound factory prepared dry mortar according to DIN EN 998-1 of mortar category CS I (PII according to DIN V 18550). Mineral, special lime plaster for indoors with particular sorption- and moisture-regulating properties. Also used as adhesive and reinforcing compound for the KEIM Mycal-CS-Platte and for the KEIM iPor-Novo-Minerald?mmplatte (interior insulation).

      Colour shade

      Trowel , rendering machine, blunger

      Approx. 3.9 kg/m2 at 3 mm layer thickness as render,
      approx. 5 - 6 kg/m2 as adhesive and reinforcement

      25 kg bags
      Pallet: 42 x 25 kg

      KEIM CS-Primer

      KEIM CS-Primer is a silicate priming agent used for priming the KEIM Mycal-CS-Platten (panels) to regulate the absorbency of the panels. This treatment serves to prevent the loss of moisture in the subsequently applied render.

      Colour shade

      Brush, spray application

      0.1 – 0.2 l/m2

      5 l container

      KEIM Mycal?-CS-Platte (panel)

      Mineral, lightweight calcium silicate panel, non-flammable A1 according to DIN 4102 to prevent condensed water and mould growth, and therefore to provide a healthy indoor climate. The panel can also be used to improve the interior thermal insulation.

      Panel format 100 x 62.5 cm
      Panel thickness 25 mm

      Pallet with 48 panels = 30 m2
      Pallet with 16 panels = 10 m2
      only by the pallet



      KEIM Mycal?-CS-D?mmkeile (insulation wedges)

      Mineral, non-flammable, made of calcium silicate, for the reduction of thermal bridges in the ceiling and wall connection area and for the optical adaption of welts of abutting surfaces.

      Format 125 x 50 cm
      Panel thickness 30 - 8 mm

      4 pcs/carton


      KEIM Mycal?-CS-D?mmkeile

      KEIM Mycal?-CS-Laibungsplatte (reveal panel)

      Mineral, non-flammable, made of calcium silicate, used for window and door reveal areas.

      Panel size 25 x 50 cm
      Panel thickness 15 mm

      20 pcs/carton


      KEIM Mycal?-CS-Laibungsplatte

      KEIM Mycal?-Lava

      Mineral, incombustible render carrier plate for interior spaces. Particularly suited to prevent condensed water and mould growth thanks to its high-performance combination of moisture-regulating and heat-insulating properties.


      Rated value of thermal conductivity:
      d = 25 mm 0.055 W/mK
      d = 30 mm 0.050 W/mK
      d ≥ 50 mm 0.045 W/mK
      Panel size: 625 mm x 416 mm.

      Handy cardboard box

      Panel thickness mm m2 per carton m2 per palette
      25 3.12 56.16
      30 2.6 46.8
      50 1.56 28.08
      60 1.3 23.4
      80 1.04 18.72

      Note: Mycal-Lava can be supplemented with Mycal-CS-D?mmkeile (insulation wedges).


      KEIM Gewebe-Eckwinkel Spezial 4x4

      Corner angle with plastic reinforcement

      View product
      KEIM Glasfaser-Gittermatte 4x4

      Fibre mesh, non-slip, alkali-resistent

      View product
      KEIM Apu-Gewebeleiste Mini

      Self-adhesive plastering strip, no fabric, for interior use

      View product
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