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      • KEIM Universalputz
      • KEIM Unikristalat
      • KEIM Granital 
      • KEIM Dolomitspachtel 
      • KEIM Soliprim 
      • KEIM Biosil 
      • KEIM Innostar


      Freistaat Bayern – Zentrum Staatb?der Bayern, Bad Steben

      Architekten BDA, Diplomingenieure
      Gerhard Grellmann / Rainer Kriebel / Christian Teichmann, Würzburg 

      Verarbeiter (u. a.):
      FUCHS+GIRKE Bau und Denkmalpflege GmbH, Ottendorf-Okrilla

      Where once kings took their bath ...

      There is still a special ambience that reigns within the walls of the old historic rooms of bath "Luitpoldbad" in the German spa town in the Bavarian region of Lower Franconia "Bad Kissingen". It is a unique place where once kings and emperors took their bath. Even after decades of vacancy and extensive repairs, many historical areas of the building complex have retained their special atmosphere. The measures went hand in hand with the Office for the Preservation of Monuments and protected the building ensemble from deterioration. Today, the bathhouse serves as a workplace for public authorities. 

      The revision of the surface
      For the exterior, the dispersion silicate paint KEIM Granital was used because the old paint also contained parts of a dispersion. It was mainly used for areas where there were partially found facade surfaces which still had solid plaster layers - only with imperfections and cracks - and could be repaired with the product in different shades. In total, we processed about 6,000 square meters of fa?ade surface with KEIM Universalputz and refined them with KEIM Unikristalat and KEIM Granital. 

      The most beautiful workplace
      In retrospect, the renovation of the bath was an extensive and demanding task, which employed about 200 companies in four years on the construction site. The biggest challenge was meeting the schedule. But it was worth it, because recently an employee of the authorities enthused: "This is the most beautiful workplace we can imagine."  The general refurbishment of the Luitpoldbad ended a long vacancy and counteracted the loss of substance. In addition, Bad Kissingen has come a great deal closer to its goal of receiving the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Great Spas of Europe".

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