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      • KEIM Biosil?
      • KEIM Lignosil?-Inco

      Image source:

      The LOFT, Amsterdam – ?MISS BARE“

      'Miss Bares Loft' , a particularly beautiful project from Amsterdam, The Netherlands: The beams and ceilings are painted with KEIM Lignosil?-Inco. The walls with KEIM Biosil?. Here is a small excerpt from 'The Loft Magazine':

      'Meet Miss Bare' – The visitor is welcomed with a warm and grounded interior, full of soft colours, natural materials and hints of travela to far-flung places. The setting was nothing short of striking. With massive industrial windows overlooking the emblematic city archives on one side and a contrasting placid view of verdant green Amsterdam gardens on the other. A peaceful setting to slow down and feel inspired. 

      Source: Enter the Loft / Aico Lind

      Website: entertheloft.com 



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